Every first-time leader can create a powerful connection with their team by joining Naturally Resilient Leaders because they’ll learn and experience leadership psychology in practice.

Through my knowledge of psychology and experience in coaching 200+ first-time leaders, I will guide you to create a connected and therefore resilient team.

Naturally Resilient Leaders is a 9-week online programme to help you create powerful connections with your team, communicate clearly and precisely, and be resilient when facing change.

The time commitment is 3-4 hours per week including self-study through video content and 2 hours of group conference call.

190 € per individual

The topics are divided into three chapters:

1 self-discovery & awareness

1.1 Courage & Vulnerability
Being a leader gives you great responsibility and great power. To use that wisely, you need to be courageous and vulnerable at the same time. We’ll look at moments that challenge you most and how to step into courage as well as show up vulnerably. That could be asking for help, admitting you don’t know, or stepping up for the underdog.

1.2 Self-Love & Your Inner Voice
Taking care of yourself physically, psychologically, and socially is key to showing up with resilience and inspiration. Listening to your inner voice can be a great source of insight – if you know how to listen to it and identify whether it is real or coming from the ego or other fear-based mechanism.

1.3 Defining Your Identity
Who are you? What do you stand for? What are your values? We’ll explore this and see how you can transform a better understanding into your day-to-day life.

2 leadership psychology & the team

2.1 Understanding Humans
Leadership is all about people. And that’s where we start! We’ll explore how and why we all differ, we’ll explore the basic (psychological) needs for humans and finally, how to use that understanding to give your team what they require to do their best.

2.2 Forming Strong Connections Through Communication
We want to use communication to connect and then synergise each other’s’ ideas and insights. How can trust be built? How can we better understand other people’s point of view? How can we accept others (even if we perhaps don’t agree with them)? What’s the best way to manage conflict within the team?

2.3 Setting the Rules
For long-term success of the team, expectations have to be managed and the way of being with each other established – that could be in the form of rules, procedures, or a general tone.

3 beyond the team, beyond you

3.1 Your Why, Your Story
We tie back to where we started from with exploring the importance of your team to know you and understand where you are coming from. Understanding your why and your story will help your team to work with you and see the big picture.

3.2 Your Team Vision
For greater cohesion of the team as well as to inspire and motivate them, we will delve into team visions.

3.3 Something Greater
We expand even more though, going beyond the team and you by focussing on something bigger. Something that you might stand for and contribute towards but that you are just a small part of.

Your Facilitator
Hi, I’m Jorim Holtey-Weber. I coach first-time leaders and entrepreneurs, teach psychology at university and am happy you are interested in Naturally Resilient Leaders. I took my knowledge about psychology and leadership, mixed it with my experience coaching 200+ first-time leaders and created this powerful programme. Having given many classes and workshops at educational institutions and companies, I know how to keep the information I deliver on-point, practical and easy-to-understand without watering it down.


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What clients say about Jorim:

Jorim […] was so approachable and always willing to listen. Through our conversations, I was able to respond to the challenges my team faced […] with confidence! Thank you so much, Jorim

I have been working with Jorim for a year. During that time, he has helped me gain a greater vision for how I approach my life and my work. Jorim is particularly skilled at identified limiting beliefs and suggesting how to overcome them. It’s always a pleasure to speak with him – his personality is deeply empathetic, warm and low-ego.

…He helped my team to figure out how to maintain cohesiveness and solve some very important problems…

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